1. Why should I choose Bethel as my destination?
All the comforts, none of the crowds! The Bethel area has the amenities of a first-class recreation area, but is never too full. Really!  We "sorta wanna" be busy like North Conway, NH, Freeport, ME, or Stowe, VT, but we sorta don't!  Get away from it all, relax, unwind. It's real here, not pretentious, but not the boonies either -- unless you drive up Rt. 5 in the dark to get here!  ("Oh my gosh, it's dahk, Muthah!" -- Down East talk for "OMG, it's dark, Mother!")

2. Can a real, live person help me figure things out in and around Bethel?
Yes, call 800.442.5826 to reach one of three of the most amazing and friendly staff members just waiting to help you. WE KNOW BETHEL; WE WANT YOU TO TOO!

3. Where is Bethel?
It's in western Maine, a bit east of New Hampshire's Mt. Washington, 70 miles northwest of Portland, Maine.
Click for MAP. Zoom out to see where Bethel is in the state of Maine, in the Northeast, etc.

4. Where is Sunday River Ski Resort compared to the village of Bethel?
SRSR is 6 miles northwest of Bethel, actually in the town of Newry. (Locals say "nurry" like "hurry," not noo-ree.) Click to see map. Sunday River Resort is not the only business in town -- please the rest of you, don't get in a snit -- but it is what most people have heard of. (I'm from Bethel. What? You know, where Sunday River is. Oh, yeah!)

5.  What is contact info for the area TOWN OFFICES?

6.  Can I wear shorts in July?  (or what's the weather like in July, in January, in...?)
Yes, but bring a sweater...click here for a CLIMATE SUMMARY of the Bethel area. Select any month you're interested in!

7. Is it OK to make eye contact with strangers in Bethel?
Yes, in fact if you don't, we'll know you're "from away." No panhandlers here; treat your fellow beings like you know them.

8. Why is it so dark in Bethel?
We have only two traffic lights and they are only blinking red/blinking yellow ones!  One can see the stars while driving -- keep one eye on the road please and none on your cell phone!

9. Can I see a moose if I come to Bethel?
Probably, but only if you absolutely don't have to see one! We can suggest the favorite spots to most likely see one -- best time is summer dawn and dusk. But, darn it, the fool creatures won't be mandated to certain roadsides. If you just gotta see one, you'll enjoy the Maine Wildlife Park 45 minutes south on Route 26. (Click for our Magical Moosetery Tour! and other scenic driving maps.)

10. Where can I get the freshest lobster in Bethel?
Unless it's cooked from frozen, all lobster is fresh. Lobster is kept live until cooked; you've seen those lobster tanks, right? Search "lobster" in the SEARCH on our website and call the restaurant.  Or click for lobster/seafood restaurants in the Bethel area.

11. Can you arrange a whale watching tour for me?
No, there are no whales in the Bethel area. We have yet to convince them to swim up the Androscoggin River. Just google to find some place on the coast -- all the towns on the ocean offer whale-watching. The nearest ocean town to Bethel is Portland, Maine. Portland's got "big city" amenities -- it's the largest city in Maine -- AND the ocean stuff. Try www.visitmaine.com for some Maine, but not Bethel, answers (but Bethel's on that website too!).

12.  Why does western Maine have so many trees?  I can't see the views.
The loggers, who have a tradition here, demand it of Mother Nature and we New Englanders feel you should earn your view -- take a hike up a mountain or drive up paying for fuel.  Either way, when you earn it you appreciate it more.

Got a question to ask?
Email it to info@bethelmaine.com and suggest we add it here AND answer you! Or call us with it, 800.442.5826.

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