Volunteer Opportunities

Help the community (non-locals welcome), network, have fun, get out of the house or doldrums!

Meet the Chamber Staff:

Robin Zinchuk

Julia Reuter














Jessie Seymour Perkins


Meet some of our volunteers:

David Freiday (with antlers) - lead elf


Let's build a snowman...uh snowwoman crew, Al Sumner (See No Evil), Jim Schiebe (Hear No Evil), and Bob Westfall (Speak No Evil).


Joyce Roma, Dave Freiday, Bill Tout, and the wascally wabbit is Wead Dickinson.


Setting up for the Business Expo, Colleen Files and Lynn Saxton.  Pssst, Colleen and Lynn used to be on the Board of Directors.


Come with friends or come make friends!

If you have some time and you would like to help -- we'd love to have the help!  We are always looking for people to help around the office or at events.  Give us a call 207-824-2282 or email us at info@bethelmaine.com and come be a part of the Chamber! No job too big or too small -- we need help with them all. :)

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