• Maine Department of Labor seeks input from employers

    Maine Department of Labor seeks input from employers

    The Maine Department of Labor is in the process of enhancing the employment services that they provide. As part of the state’s 10 year economic development plan, increasing Maine’s workforce participation rate is one of the plans goals.
    One strategy being explored, that may have some impact in boosting employment in Maine, is making MDOL's services more accessible to both employers and job seekers.
    We are looking for employers to share any experience they might have had with either:

    • Communicating with/hearing from the MDOL Bureau of Employment Services
    • Using MDOL’s employment and workforce services
    Participants will have the option of providing feedback through a 30 min self-recorded video journal through a simple downloaded app or a 30 min 1:1 virtual interview.
    If you are willing to participate in a feedback session, please complete this survey at this link: https://forms.gle/iGZmgQUtKMYitQbFA
    Participation by businesses would be very much appreciated!

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