• Learning Opps for the new world of work from CMCC center for Workforce & Professional Development

    We hope that you and your employees have all remained healthy over the last couple of months during these unprecedented times as we all continue to monitor the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic situation.
    Unfortunately, our in-person facilitated non-credit customized workforce training programs remain suspended or canceled until further notice. At this time, we are hoping to entertain once again, delivering this type of training sometime in the fall and will keep you informed on any new developments related to this effort.
    What's Next?
    We are pleased to share that the Maine Community College System has been working hard on several new initiatives over the last two months to help address Maine’s short- and long-term workforce development needs.
    The development of more than 25 free online training programs that are tied to skills and jobs currently in demand in Maine and that can be viewed on the Maine Community College System website.
    A wide range of on-line general and career-based training programs from our training partner Ed2Go. 
    Click for a list of Fundamental Offerings
    Click for a list of
    Career Training Programs
    Twelve no cost or discounted online training programs in partnership with MindEdge Learning, one of our training partners, including many business-focused offerings listed below.
    No Cost & Discounted Training
    Introduction to Critical Thinking
    Personal Creativity
    Creativity in Teams and Organizations
    Managing Remote Employees - $79
    Leading and Managing Change - $79
    Personal Growth - $79
    Optimizing Operations and Managing Crises - $79
    Security Awareness Training - $15
    Introduction to Emergency Management - $199
    Emergency Management: The AEM®/CEM® Prep Course - $399
    Online Learning Accessibility - $49
    Teaching Online - $79
    In addition, we still have Maine Quality Center training grant funding available to cover all or part of the cost of our training programs. To learn more contact us or the Maine Quality Center at https://www.mccs.me.edu/workforce-training/train-my-workforce/maine-quality-centers/
    We are looking forward to the future when we can again work with you to develop and deliver our in-person customized industry-based training programs. If you should have any additional questions or updates, please check back regularly for updates on the college’s COVID-19 web page at https://www.cmcc.edu/coronavirus/ or by contacting the Dean of Planning & Public Affairs, Roger Philippon at 207-755-5357 or rphilippon@cmcc.edu.
    Please contact us today to learn how to register for these training offerings or explore taking advantage of the Maine Quality Center Training Grant program! 
    Christopher Paradis
    Phone: 207-755-5229
    Email: cparadis@cmcc.edu

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