• Clinical Systems Analyst

    Posted: 01/08/2020

    Primary responsibilities involve assuring the overall successful implementation and operation of selected clinical information systems applications in a timely manner.

    Full Time (36 to 40), Days
    • Job Requirements
      • Education, Required Licenses/Certifications:
        • Bachelor of Science degree or Associates degree in nursing or other clinical specialty with five years work experience in the given clinical field and with two years work experience in clinical information systems applications are required.  

      • Work Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:
        • In lieu of a clinical degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with two years work experience in clinical information systems applications or an Associates degree in computer science with four years work experience in clinical information systems applications may be substituted.
        • Knowledge and experience with network hardware is highly desirable. 
        • Experience with the following software is highly desirable: Meditech interfaces, Rhapsody interface engine, Zynx order sets, Dragon voice recognition software. 
        • Meditech 6.x operating system, Corel Office Suite, and Paradox.
        • Experience with other types of software will be evaluated for equivalency. 
        • Experience with Meditech NPR and M-ATreport writing software preferred.
        • Must be able to work independently. 
        • Must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills and interact effectively with staff, especially practitioners. 
        • Must be well organized, able to keep track of multiple tasks and projects, and work in a fast paced, sometimes stressful, environment. 
        • Must have a technical aptitude and be able to learn and install a variety of computer related products. 
        • Must have good keyboarding and data entry skills. 
        • Must be able to train staff in the use of software.  Familiarity with computer applications required. 
        • Must have technical aptitude and a willingness to learn software applications used at AVH.