• Director, Medical Staff Office

    Posted: 07/22/2021

    Position Summary
    • Provides leadership, management, and operational oversight of medical staff office support services. Coordinates the credentialing and provider enrollment functions for North Country Healthcare and its affiliates. Serves as liaison between the Hospitals and the Medical Staff and coordinates staff support for the Medical Staff, Executive Committee, and Credentials Committee functions. 
    Essential Functions
    • Oversees the day-to-day operations of the Medical Staff Office support services.
    • Oversees the processing of applications for initial appointment and reappointment to the Medical Staff and Allied Health Professional Staff according to Medical Staff Bylaws and established policies and procedures for North Country Healthcare affiliates.
    • Oversees the processing of provider enrollment with selected third-party payors for all employed practitioners of North Country Healthcare affiliates.
    • Oversees the processing of facility credentialing with selected third-party payors for North Country Healthcare affiliates.
    • Coordinates implementation of all approved programs, projects, and major activities of the Medical Staff Office.
    • Provides resources to Medical Staff leaders to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.
    • Serves as Administrator and optimizes the efficiency of the North Country Healthcare credentialing software platform.
    • Administers the delineation of the clinical privileges system, including the revision/development of clinical privilege request forms.
    • Coordinates Medical Staff meetings and selected committee meetings through control of agendas to facilitate the accomplishment of responsibilities.
    • Recommends changes in credentials forms, policies, procedures, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations to comply with requirements of licensing, accrediting, and/or regulatory agencies or to enable the Hospital to operate in the most risk-averse fashion.