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      Infonomic Data was founded to bring together the worlds of data, technology and business strategy so there's an informed approach and information loop. We're a software company and a consulting firm wrapped into one.

      We have a different approach to problem solving and use our proprietary technology to understand many inputs that are often overlooked due to the massive amount of data available. We apply insights from our experienced team to the wealth of information and perspective generated by our data and cognitive science platform to create the best solutions.

      We use this platform to create strategies, inform execution, measure results and inform on future iterations. We are great at crafting actionable, impactful strategies. We're also great at actually carrying out the work required to execute on those strategies. We're nimble, thoughtful, and think like we own our clients' businesses. We use resources with purpose.

      Our founders have been inside the walls of the world's leading companies and have seen firsthand the mayhem and losses that come from using the wrong technology, looking at the wrong data when making decisions, and using sales and marketing approaches that don't execute on the business strategy. Many companies claim to have data-powered strategies and use the latest technology, but that's easy to say and really hard to do.

      Our team has in-depth experience as technologists - not just in theory, but in practice. They've architected and implemented data infrastructures at companies like JP Morgan Chase, VMWare, Coca Cola and the NYSE.

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