• Webinar: Make Your Website ADA Compliant - an increasing concern

    Webinar: Make Your Website  ADA Compliant - an increasing concern

    Sponsored by HospitalityMaine and the Maine Tourism Association
    When: November 4, 11 a.m. to 12 pm
    What: Website accessibility claims are on the rise, especially for those in the hospitality and tourism industries. In 2018, litigation related to website accessibility increased by approximately 180% compared to 2017.
    Rampant use of digital devices and accessing information online during the pandemic, paired with large increases in lawsuits at the state level, has shined a spotlight on this formerly lesser known issue.
    You are likely aware of how Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) relates to physical spaces, but you may not know how the requirements translate to online accommodations.
    You will learn: How ADA Title III is applicable to your website, common pitfalls and risks, and best practices for compliance.

    Speakers: Verrill attorneys Tawny Alvarez and Doug Currier.
    Tawny Alvarez is a partner in Verrill’s Employment & Labor Group. Tawny centers her practice on the understanding that the employment landscape is ever-changing—from medical marijuana’s effect on drug testing, to the effect of social networking in the workplace and mobile devices’ effect on wage and hour issues. In this evolving landscape she recognizes that for companies to remain profitable and successful they must be proactive, as opposed to reactive, to these employment issues. Tawny’s experience clerking for judges across the country at the trial court level and at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has provided her with valuable insight on the ins and outs of litigation. She is the editor of the Verrill Labor and Employment blog, Taking Care of HR Business and co-host of the national podcast, HR Power Hour. She is a frequent speaker and author on labor and employment-related topics.
    Doug Currier serves as the Chair of Verrill’s Employment & Labor Group and focuses his practice primarily on labor and employment law and litigation representing management. Having practiced law at Verrill since 1985, Doug has handled a wide variety of complicated and challenging matters for clients large and small on a regional and national basis. Doug works with clients to develop workplace strategies that achieve objectives and to navigate an intelligent path through complex personnel issues while maintaining compliance with State and Federal laws, such as the FLSA, the ADA and the NLRA. Doug also helps clients with the formation of best practices and documentation; for example, with regard to personnel policies, employment contracts and restrictive covenants, collective bargaining agreements and hiring protocols. Doug is also litigation counsel for businesses facing legal challenges ranging from union campaigns and labor arbitrations to wrongful discharge and employment discrimination claims. A frequent speaker on relevant topics to employers, he has made employer education and initiatives a priority.

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