• Member Dues

  • Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce

    Money Back Guarantee for New Members

    We believe that membership in the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce is an excellent investment, and that members will believe that too if they are making maximum use of their benefits. As a result, the BACC offers a First-year Money-back Guarantee.If a member does the following, and still doesn’t think dues are worth it to them, the member can receive their first year’s dues back.

    • Log in to www.bethelmaine.com to use the tools available to them at the membership level in which they’ve invested
    • Attend at least one networking breakfast
    • Attend at least two business after hours events
    • Visit the chamber office (or invite a chamber staff member to visit the business) to learn how to utilize all the chamber membership tools
    • Volunteer a few hours at least two events over the course of the year.

    Recruit a New Member and Earn $50 Credit

    Know a business which you think would benefit from chamber membership? Refer the owner to us, and if he/she joins, YOU earn a $50 to be used on marketing, advertising, or sponsorship.

    Membership Bylaws

    The following are excerpts from the BACC Bylaws, Article II, Membership and Dues

    Section 2:  Membership Investments

                    Membership investments shall be at such rates, schedule or formula, and may be from time prescribed by the Board, payable annually on January 1. New members must pay a full year investment when initiating membership (regardless of the month they join), and upon the beginning of the chamber’s next fiscal year, the chamber will pro-rate the member’s dues to reflect the date in which they originally joined.  Members that have been a member in the previous calendar year are responsible for one (1) year’s investment regardless of the month in which they invest. At no time will any portion of the annual membership investment be refunded.

    Section 3:  Admission of Members

    1. If physically located within the towns/townships listed in Article I, Section 3, an individual or business desiring to become a member of the Chamber shall fill out a membership application and submit it with appropriate payment to the chamber office.
      1. If physically located outside the towns/townships listed in Article I, Section 3, the business seeking membership must submit a written application. The application will be reviewed and voted on in person by the board at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The board of directors may accept or refuse membership to any business outside of our defined membership area for any reason. Dues payment shall be made after acceptance is decided.


    Membership will be without regard to race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, or political affiliation.